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Phone:   (800) 974-8500

Local:     (209) 526-0865






P.O. Box 4367

Modesto, CA  95352



1413 Lone Palm Avenue
Modesto, CA  95351

What is acidity?

This is a coffee flavor term. Acidity is the highly desirable and pleasing characteristic of coffees complex flavor.

What is body?

Body is at textural quality , perception or fullness on the tongue. Body is how to best describe coffees luscious or syrupy quality that a high quality coffee imparts.

What are blends?

Good specialty coffee companies will highlight special blends. They might be exotic or unconventional names. It's a variety or mix that tasted good blended together. 

What is a peaberry?

Approximately 1 in every 10 coffee beans is a peaberry. A peaberry is a botanical anomaly where the bean forms as a whole bean rather than 2 halves. The beans or peaberries have a quality you can taste throughout the cup.

What is an espresso bean?

There is no such thing as an espresso bean. The name, "espresso roast" or "espresso bean", refer to blends or coffee varieties and roasts. Espresso intended for milk based drinks will have a different taste criteria than espresso intended to be drunk straight. Each Roaster may have a different blend or may even or proprietary blend of their own.

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